• Tony Muldoon

Beautiful things

It's certainly a bit of a cliche but when bad things happen you can tend to see the beauty in what you've got. I have many spectacularly beautiful things in my life; family, friends, travels and great times. Both before all this happened to me and since.

More interesting than that though is that once you have miraculously managed to get the some of your life back, you can, like most of us, start to get a bit complaisent again. Another part of it is that over time you'll start to dwell more on what you've lost rather than celebrate what you have.

In your defense though, i'm sure that any psychologist will tell you that this is perfectly natural. If you lose your leg in a car accident, are you going to be over the moon that you've still got the other one, or cry about the one you lost? As time passes, it's going to be a good dose of both.

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