• Tony Muldoon

Handicap of Choice?

Now here’s a question. How would you rank the handicaps that encephalitis has thrown onto you? There are a few but it boils down to whether I'd want my memory back, or my drivers licence, or even my personalitiy?? It’s a pretty tough one and I'd really like to know the others that everyone had had thrown onto them and which ones they’d most of all want back.

Silly though it sounds, I'd love that driver's licence. If the other one’s were pissing me off, I could fuck off into the sunset. We all have some car we dreamt of having one day, and the unlucky thing about mine was it was actually quite affordable. Granted my wife would never have let me get it, for two-seater practical reasons. But still, to no longer even be granted the dream is a bit shite.

I’ve alway’s been able to ‘blag’ the memory to everyone, with the exception of myself. But the possibility of ending up killing someone, or winding up in jail, is a bit too much to deal with. I could deal with forgetting where I'd parked the thing, or which exit to take on the motorway!!

If there’s anyone else out there, it would be nice to hear what theirs was as well?

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